Give Me Back My Broken Night

Give Me Back My Broken Night is a mobile performance work using pervasive technology, which asks audiences to collaboratively imagine the future of their city. Site-specific science fictions are told using a combination of location sensitive mobile devices, portable projectors and actors, to create a magical, relevant and cinematic experience for participants.

Unlike conventional tours or historic walks, this is a tour of the future. Audiences are given a mobile device and a blank folded paper map, a micro projector is hung around their neck. In the streets, an actor guides them through a landscape of utopian or dystopian possibilites. They ask the participants about what they would like to see there. As the audience describe their own visions of the future, these imagined buildings begin to appear on the paper map in their hand as a series of glowing lines.

They return to the theatre to meet other audience members, at which point the individual maps become projected as one and all the participants describe, debate and share their visions for the future.

Give Me Back My Broken Night is a collaboration between Product of Circumstance and Uninvited Guests.