Paris Visible

photo by Katía Truijen

photo by Katía Truijen

While traversing the Seine at the Pont des Arts, one finds a spectacular collection of padlocks that are locked to the railing of the bridge. When one takes a closer look at the padlocks, names become visible. The padlocks are put there by lovers who sign the locks with their names. Then they lock it to the railing and throw the key in the Seine. These railings with love padlocks have emerged in many cities since the early 2000s. While tourists and other passers-by cross the bridge, they are offered new padlocks by street vendors. A little industry has emerged because of the phenomenon. These little objects are mediating an interesting network of lovers, tourists, citizens and vendors. This network is physically articulated on the Pont des Arts, photographed thousands of times a day, and distributed on the Internet. The bridge has become an interesting urban assemblage of padlocks, people, and photo’s.


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