Coded Matter(s) #1

Coded Matter(s) explores the explosion of digital processes taking place in art, design and music and the ripples of influence this is causing. Together with Flemish Arts Centre ‘De Brakke Grond’, FIBER presents two high-energy programmes of talks, showcases and performances. At these, makers will demonstrate the limitless possibilities offered by creative coding platforms for the creation of visual art, generative design, interactive installations, multi-sensory performances and enchanting scenography.

The first Coded Matter(s) evening on 10 September will focus on the development of interactive spaces. Software is now managing parts of our city, and even influencing how we meet socially. New ways of experiencing space are arising though the use of sensors, projections and mobile technology. Artists and designers are responding to this with room-sized installations, interactive dance performances and ‘augmented’ environments. Developments that are completely transforming our perceptions of space and media.

With: LAb[au] (Be), Trinity (Es), Daniel Berio (It), Michiel de Lange (Nl) and moderator Michel van Dartel (Nl).

Read more about the programme at



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